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Geometric Jewelry Replaces Old-Timey Barbershop on Ludlow Street

John Brevard/Facebook

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Though short and spiky haircuts from Ludlow Blunt—an indie barbershop on the Lower East Side that was formerly known as Tommy Guns—haven't been available since the space shuttered in March, those two adjectives are fitting for 138 Ludlow Street's newest tenant. Bowery Boogie reports that John Brevard, an artist and designer whose most tangible work is pointy, angular jewelry like the pieces seen above, is cooking up something special for this space.

Exactly what it'll be, however, is unclear, since the local blog says that "a crew of youngsters has been building out the interior behind a black curtain" for more than a month now, occasionally putting some "mysterious sculptures" in the windows. If you hear anything new about this concept shop, including an opening date, let us know about it.

John Brevard

138 Ludlow Street, New York, NY 10002, USA