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Ricky's Is Opening a Beauty Store For Its Most Instagrammable Products

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Omnipresent cult beauty brand Ricky's NYC knows what kids these days want: Instagram likes. And this August, in addition to preparing for the annual opening of dozens of delightfully cheesy Halloween costume pop-up stores, it'll open yet another store, this time designed especially for the Instagram generation.

WWD reports that the space, entitled—wait for it—Instaglam, will showcase all the "Insta-brands" the store carries, mainly made up of cosmetics up-and-comers like Dose of Colors, Morphe brushes, Violet Voss, Nume, and 15 or so others who have little to no distribution.

"This is really the first monetization of social media," explained Ricky's president Richard Parrott. "I don't think that all of the Insta-brands are looking for help or brand building. Many of them are established brands. We want Ricky's to be a brand incubator and brand intensifier to great brands and will work with all of them at the level that they wish." No word on where or when it'll open to the public, but we'll keep you posted.