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A Dress-Heavy Sample Sale With Celeb Hand-Me-Downs for 80% Off

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Update: This sale has been extended through Friday, July 31st and is open daily from 10am to 5pm.

Since the Katie Ermilio sample sale has been extended through this Friday evening, we stopped by the small Garment District sale space this afternoon to check out the selection of samples left, mixed among pieces worn by celebs like Jessica Alba and Emma Roberts. Normally priced between $1,000 and $4,000, dresses made by the one-time Racked Young Guns nominee are going for only $200—$500. Tops are $100, skirts are $100 to $200 depending on length, and pants are $100. There's also a half-dozen or so bridal gowns going for an average of $900.

Some of our favorite pieces were a structured light pink cocktail dress for $250 in a size 6, and a pair of sheer sky blue detailed pants for $100 (the size wasn't marked). There was also a fun selection of crop tops (all sizes 0, 2, or 4) for $100, though some have makeup stains or slight damages.

Be on the lookout for wear and tear like this, including stains and tears at the seams, throughout the sale. For some of the dresses, though, they looked worn because they had been: In the sample collection was a tiny pink ankle-length dress made for Emma Roberts ($200), and a heavy pale pink dress worn by Jessica Alba ($500).

There's still a good selection and a range of different sizes available at the sale, so be sure to stop into Suite 311 of 209 West 38th Street tonight through 7pm or tomorrow between 11am to 7pm to check it out.