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Adidas Originals Relinquishes Its Cool Soho Garage

Custom sneakers spotted at New York Fashion Week: Men's
Custom sneakers spotted at New York Fashion Week: Men's
Driely S.

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Adidas Originals will be closing up its Wooster Street location at the end of the summer—but don't worry, they're headed just around the corner. Commercial Observer reports that the activewear brand is expanding its retail presence in Soho with more than 5,200 square feet at 115 Spring Street, right between Frye and Dash (for now, anyway).

It's just another example of the power plays that Adidas has been making all over the city as of late, from popping up at Herald Square to opening a design studio to establishing a retail presence in Downtown Brooklyn. Their Soho move is slated to take place in September, so you've got two months to venture guesses as to what'll take over the garage-esque side street space.

Adidas Originals

115 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012, USA