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Ray-Ban’s Soho Store Equates Sunglasses with Genitalia

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Today in corporations-making-jokes-that-maybe-could-have-been-workshopped-a-little-longer, Ray-Ban has decided that the best way to tease the opening of its forthcoming Soho store would be to equate its products—which, let us remind you, are sunglasses—with human genitalia. Because... sex sells? And millennials love edgy advertisements? Or something?

The first of the two merely equates the act of trying on sunglasses with being naked:

Which, sure! Fine. Go for those Instagram likes with a tagline alluding to #FreeTheNipple. Now here is the second one:

Hey, at least it's technically accurate! WINK WINK DO YOU GET IT DO YOU!?!?

Ray Ban

116 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012, USA