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Neil Patrick Harris Doesn't Want to Pay for an Equinox Membership, Either


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When it comes to paying $225 for a monthly all-access Equinox membership, Neil Patrick Harris feels you—that is, he is not about to pay for that. So this weekend, the super-famous actor and veritable dreamboat competed in the Equinox Goldrush challenge, in which 11 competitors swam 300 yards and dove 22 feet for a chance at winning one.

To be fair, the prize does sound pretty great: It's called Equinox Gold, and despite the fact that it allows access to 75 locations worldwide, a massage every month, 24 personal training sessions, and a $1,000 gift card, it's absolutely free—just crazy hard to get. The cards, of which there are only five, are being given away to the winners of various contests in Montauk this summer. Though Harris didn't end up winning, there'll still be four more events throughout the summer to determine the winner of the remaining memberships. We're rooting for ya, NPH.