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How to Vacation Like an Obama in NYC

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President Obama was in town this weekend on a fundraising trip (and not, it seems, to make Matt Lauer's life worse), and this time, he brought his daughters, certifiably Cool Teens Malia and Sasha Obama. Ever wonder what an Obama family vacation in NYC looks like? Weirdly, it's kind of like the one you took with your parents in eighth grade.

Unlike yours, however, the Obamas' came with an official statement from the White House Press Secretary, via Gothamist: "The President is looking forward to a rare opportunity that he'll have to spend a little personal time with his daughters in New York over the weekend."

What the press statement didn't address, though, is the fact that the Obamas managed to hit up every single aspect of the ultimate family-vacationing-in-NYC trifecta. Which, of course, is comprised of:

1. Seeing a Broadway play. On Saturday, the family attended the matinee performance of Hamilton, the hip-hop musical about America's Founding Fathers. Here's what it was like when they arrived:

2. Viewing the museum exhibit everyone's talking about. Not only did the Obamas get an after-hours tour of the new Whitney Museum on Friday night (presumably to try one of those cool elevators Michelle loved), they also stopped by the Met's current Costume Institute exhibit, "China: Through the Looking Glass" last night, according to Page Six.

3. Meandering aimlessly around Central Park. A must-do for any family on vacation who can't seem to come up with anything better to do at the moment, Central Park offers plenty of space to walk... and walk... and walk. Though naturally, dad just had to stop and chat up a "real New Yorker:"

Bonus: According to our sister site Eater, the Obamas also ate plenty of Italian food while in NYC. Though for most families, that would have meant dining al fresco in Little Italy while your dad embarrassingly orders in an Italian accent, the Obamas opted for Carbone, one of the city's fanciest restaurants, where they ordered a delicious-sounding $64 veal parm. Maybe that will convince Malia to attend NYU and stay here forever.