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Vintage Shop Dusty Buttons Forced Out of East Village Home

Dusty Buttons/Facebook

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Another vintage store bites the dust: Dusty Buttons, located on East 9th Street, announced that it would be closing after six years. The reason? What else—a massive rent hike, which threatened to raise the lease by a whopping 125%.

EV Grieve reports that owner Amanda Loureiro shared the news with a monster of a Facebook post, detailing how Icon Realty served her a 30-day notice to vacate her shop, and how she and her husband are considering moving the store (and themselves) to Philadelphia, where "the rents are lower and a creative energy feels full and strong."

There will be a farewell sale, but "not a crazy one because we adore our inventory and want to bring it with us," Loureiro explains. Be sure to stop by before July 29th, and read the post in its entirety here.