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It's Official: Men's Fashion Week More Fun Than Regular Fashion Week

Driely S.

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We've officially wrapped up New York's men's fashion week, the four-day event in which menswear designers from the huge (Michael Kors, Calvin Klein) to the up-and-coming (Public School, Matiere) presented their spring 2016 collections and a great many stylish people were photographed being stylish. Didn't even notice it was going on? You weren't the only one, but for those who were there, the results are in: Men's Fashion Week is waaaay more fun than regular NYFW.

The evidence? For one, the parties had actual food instead of garbage "passed apps."

And vapes—fancy ones!—were being handed out like candy:

Naturally, the (free!) drinks were on point, specifically at the Grungy Gentleman presentation (yep, that's the name of the brand):

A photo posted by Laura Gurfein (@lauracgurf) on

And while the Kendalls and Kylies of the world were off in LA, the cooler celebrities stayed here, like Laverne Cox and Prabal Gurung:

A photo posted by laverne cox (@lavernecox) on

And Joe Jonas and Darren Criss' spectacular Resting Bitch Faces:

A photo posted by J O E J O N A S (@joejonas) on

Like, here are a bunch of male models in swimsuits walking in unison to Age of Aquarius:

There was even a party for an underwear line that had to be shut down even before Russell Simmons arrived. It was in a giant boxing gym and there were Mexican wrestlers dressed in face masks. It looked great:

A photo posted by Patrick McGregor (@kpatmc) on

There was this guy at the Matiere presentation:

And this dude:

Sad you missed it? FOMO not: The event was such a success that it's returning in January.

Cue the celebration: