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How to Get Discovered in NYC, As Told By the Fat Jew


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Instagram star, man about town, and Bacchus of the millennial age Josh Ostrovsky, better known as The Fat Jew, has an Internet-famous dog, his own line of rosé (aptly named White Girl Rosé), and now, a fashion modeling contract with One Management. How'd he do it? Ostrovsky explains to the Hollywood Reporter:

I was laying on a towel in a parking spot in Soho—I put money in the meter so it was mine to do whatever I wanted with—and was tanning in a used Versace speedo that I bought on eBay, and got spotted. It all happened so fast, it was truly a blessing.

There you have it: the American dream in 2015. Look for him on the New York Fashion Week runways come September (yes, really), possibly "being carried by bodybuilders."