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The No. 6 Sample Sale: Clogs Galore, Fall Vibes

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If you're taking a long lunch today for some sample sale shopping, we know where you need to go. We dropped by the basement sale at No. 6 to yesterday afternoon to preview the stock on hand for today's sale, and shoppers should be prepared for good deals and big crowds. If the line is anything like last year—which employees say is likely—be prepared to wait an hour for entry (Also, there's no AC down there, so wear something breathable).

The go-to items will be the shoes, for sure. No. 6's signature clogs run from size 35 up to a 43, with numerous styles at four price points. All clog shoes are $150, clog platforms are $160, leather clog boots are $225, and shearling clog boots are $275 (Retail prices for clogs usually run from $275 to $330, while boots are $380 to $440).

In the clog platforms we found metallic and sandal styles, and boots have leather of all colors including green, blue, and an array of browns, in lace-up or slip-on styles—check out photos in the gallery above for a better idea. There is also a bin of sample shoes for $50 per pair.

Prices for clothes are designated by stickers and generally broken down by category. Tops, shorts, and sweaters are $65 (neon yellow); skirts and pants are $75 (green); short dresses are $85 (orange); and long dresses and jumpsuits are $125 (pink); everything else is priced as marked. Some favorites include a sheer floral top with pockets for $65, printed pants for $75, a checkered-print dress for $125 and a black-and-white striped dress for $85.

We also saw a few sample tops and dresses, all marked at $40. Sizes are generally between a small and medium, as well as some one-size-fits-all. There are a few pieces from other designers represented, most notably a large rack of Lauren Manoogian sweaters, priced as marked from $60 to $190.

Sizes will be replenished for both footwear and apparel, but the clogs will definitely move quickly. Some prices may drop depending on how much is left by the end of the sale, but don't count on waiting until the last minute if you're after the shoes. The sale is running underneath their Centre Market Place boutique daily from 12pm to 7pm through Saturday.