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M&Ms Is Bringing Its Rainbow Candy Wall to Soho


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If you've forgone all attempts at creating a "bikini body" this summer—or if you're like us, and think the whole idea of a bikini body is dumb—great news! A giant, chocolatey blessing is about to descend on the streets of Soho in the form of an M&M World store that opens this Friday.

Though it'll only exist through the end of September, think of this as a smaller version of the Times Square M&M World—there'll still be a 22-color candy wall and character dispensers, only this time located inside a historic former bank building that's housed La Perla and D&G. And, hopefully, considerably fewer sticky-fingered children, for when grown-ass adults just want to purchase some damn chocolate in peace.

M&M World Pop-Up

434 Broadway, New York, NY 10013, USA