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ClassPass Just Raised Its Prices in New York City (Updated)

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If you aren't already on the ClassPass bandwagon, you might not be inclined to join now. The fitness craze that has given millions of subscribers across the country access to boutique fitness classes for a fraction of the price has announced via email that membership dues will rise to $125 per month for unlimited classes, from $99 per month.

This is effective immediately for new members, while those with existing memberships won't see their rates increase for another two months. If your membership is on hold—meaning you pay $19 per month for a single class—you can reactivate your membership and pay the $99 rate for August and September.

"To put it simply, adjusting the rate lets us continue delivering the best possible fitness experience we can," the email reads. "We've seen how much you love having unlimited classes and countless options, and we didn't want to change your ClassPass membership in any other way. We want to keep giving you more of the best—more studios, more choices, more classes—and more features to come!"

With several classes in ClassPass's stable falling between $30 and $40 when buying them individually, having the option to take several classes for $125 a month is still a great deal—but only if you're going at least a couple times a week. And with gym memberships at chains that are a step up from budget gyms—like New York Health and Racquet Club and Crunch, both of which offer plenty of classes—some might be rethinking their fitness strategies.

Update: A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that the ClassPass membership would give users 10 classes for $125, when in fact the number of classes per month is unlimited. Racked apologizes for the error.

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