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No One Knows What's Happening With Macy's in Downtown Brooklyn


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Are we no longer be getting that glassy facade in Downtown Brooklyn? WWD reports that Macy's is "considering alternatives" at the Fulton Street address, but refused to disclose any further details about what that might mean. "We are always reviewing our real estate portfolio," according to a senior vice president, after the company declined to directly comment on the store. So basically, we don't have a clue about what to expect anymore.

The overhaul of this store, formerly the home of Abraham and Strauss, was first formally announced a year and a half ago, but rumors of big changes had swirled long before then. Last summer, the possibility of splitting it into two stores came about, reserving one for Macy's and another for a Bloomingdale's Outlet (though maybe now it would be a Macy's Backstage?)

There was also a chance that Macy's could shrink to 300,000 square feet, which is much smaller than the current's store footprint. "Brooklyn is an important market for Macy's, and we are studying ways to improve our business [there]," a press representative said last summer.

The TL;DR version:  Macy's is pretty much like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ when it comes to Brooklyn.


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