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The Proenza Schouler Sample Sale Brings Slashed Prices to the Masses

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This morning, we braved the crowds for the opening of the Proenza Schouler sample sale at C21 Edition, and they were not joking about the discounts. We found outrageous deals for leather, shearling, shoes, and handbags—and since everything that is out on the floor is all they have, shoppers should hurry over.

On the first floor are a few racks of ready-to-wear, including jeans, coats, dresses, sweaters and tops, as well as jewelry, scarves, and bags. Upstairs you'll find shoes and many more clothes to choose from. Sizes ranged from 0 to 10 for most items, and there are fitting rooms available on each floor. Apparel prices started with boyfriend jeans at $44 (were $295), ultra skinny jeans at $55 (was $385), jean vests at $69, and a single black denim jacket for $99 (was $495).

In the shoe territory, sizes range from 36 up to 40, generally, with a few shelves of sample styles as well. Black leather high-heeled booties are $291 (were $970), cross front heels are $269 (were $895), and tweed slip-ons are $99 (were $495).

Nearby, tops and bottoms include a crew-neck collage sweater for $118 (was $785), a patchwork top with leather detail for $1,035 (was $3,450), and a mini skirt for $275 (was $915). There are a lot of jackets, from blazer styles to leather outerwear. We saw a white deerskin moto jacket for $1,185 (was $3,950), a long shearling coat for $1,950 (was $6,500), and a turquoise tweed jacket for $199 (was $1,995).

In the handbag section, there's a limit of five items per customer. The selection isn't huge but the deals certainly are: a white buffalo leather bag is $399 (was $2,495), a shearling zip pouch is $99 (was $573), and a small lunch bag in a black and crimson woodgrain pattern is $199 (was $1,125). Little zip card holders are $49, and on the very opposite end of the spectrum, a lone large Elliott crocodile-skin bag in cobalt resting unassumingly on a glass shelf is $8,400 (don't cringe yet—it was originally $28,000). Printed canvas totes nearby are $79 (were $595).

There isn't a hard-and-fast rule like "everything is under X dollars," or that most items are at the advertised 70% off. Rather, you'll need to check tags left and right to find the best deals here. A sleeveless cobalt dress is $236 (from $1,585) but a long-sleeveed version is only $69 (was $1,495). High-waisted skinny leather pants are $278 (from $1,850), but a pair of buffalo leather skinny pants are just $69 (from $2,500). The biggest discount we saw? A perforated leather coat for $499 that was originally $5,500. That's not a typo. It's the wild west out here. Stop by soon, friends—the sale runs through Thursday.