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The Proenza Schouler Sample Sale Has Drawn Early Crowds

Megan Soll

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The Proenza Schouler sample sale is kicking off as we speak, and there's plenty of fans looking to get first dibs on bags, coats, dresses, shoes, and more from the fall 2014 collection (get an idea of what to expect here). Racked reporter Megan Soll arrived at 7:45 to find 60 people in front of her, many of which were accessorized with coffee cups and just-showered hair.

"Clearly the hour is much too early for us all," she writes of the "hot and sticky" morning, as Wall Street types give puzzling looks at the line that has grown to close to 100 people before the doors opened. If you do find yourself on a line later today, make sure to guard your spot: Soll says that latecomers are cutting to join in with their friends.

Luckily, the doors have opened (almost) on time, with the line shuffling forward at exactly 8:03am—but we have yet to see whether new sale host C21 Edition will implement a one-in, out-out policy like the brand's showroom has in the past. Check back later today for a full report of what you'll find inside, and check out the hours and address below if you want to stop by yourself.

Update: Soll made it in at 8:24am, 39 minutes after she arrived with 60 people in front of her. If you're planning to go during lunch today, be sure to leave yourself time for the line.