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Julia Stiles and Vanessa Carlton Went on the Friend Date of Our Early 2000's Dreams


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The Page Six celebrity sightings column: Not usually a source of joy, much less one of any meaningful information. But this weekend, there was a diamond in the rough—a news item implying that two of the few mid-aughts celebrities that both you and your mom could agree were great, actress Julia Stiles and musician Vanessa Carlton, are friends.

Apparently, the two were spotted "eating pasta and drinking white wine at Osteria Morini in Soho." Which sounds really nice! Imagine the conversation: "Hey Julia, have I told you lately how great you were in O?" "Thanks, Vanessa! Every morning I wake up and the first thing I do is turn on 'Ordinary Day,'" And so on, probably.

But lovely summer dinners and conversations made entirely of compliments isn't the whole story of the Carlton-Stiles friendship—they've actually been hanging out since at least 2003—the year Mona Lisa Smile came out and "A Thousand Miles" changed music forever.

Here they are back then:

Simpler times, 2003. Let the Carlton-Stiles friendship be the ultimate in today's #squadgoals.