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Donald Trump Filled the Ground Floor of Trump Tower with Campaign T-Shirts


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Anyone looking to fork over $15 to Donald Trump for a "Make America Great Again" t-shirt? Anyone? Well, should one so desire, they're currently available inside the lobby of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. To New Yorkers, who are accustomed to seeing Trump's name everywhere, this alone might not be worthy of note—but today, the New York Times points out that the place where Trump is selling campaign t-shirts is actually a POP (privately owned public space).

Though the atrium was constructed as a pedestrian causeway in 1983, according to the Times, it "now more resembles an altar to Mr. Trump." And now that Trump is currently one of the top candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, some are saying that the campaign merchandise is, at the very least, inappropriate.

What's more, the Trump merchandise kiosks are located on what was once a public bench—though sometime in the last decade, it was removed without any record from the city (Trump was fined $2,500 for it in 2008). Icky? Certainly. Illegal? It seems not.

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