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Bravo's Show About Hot NYC Trainers Looks Freaking Amazing

Driely S.

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Television already has its fair share of hip young Brooklynites, people pretending to be hip young Brooklynites, and the current favorite: out-of-touch Upper East Side moms. What doesn't it have? Hot, ripped personal trainers who yell things like, "I want you to touch the fucking SKY." OH WAIT, IT DOES NOW.

Work Out New York, premiering August 19th, is nature's latest attempt at churning out a fresh batch of Bravolebrities, this time made up of seven NYC trainers whose names you might recognize from Barry's Bootcamp, Flywheel, CrossFit, and other fancy gyms around town: Lindsey Clayton, Joe Lazo, Lena Marti, Noah Neiman, Courtney Paul, and Racked NY's Hottest Trainer competition alumni Holly Rilinger and Layla Luciano.

If you aren't already on board, the two-minute trailer promises things like intra-trainer flirtations, nonsense motivational quips (full quote: "I want you to touch the fucking sky. Even if it means you fail, I want you to be glorious in your attempt."), nightclub fights, and finally, a mysterious dramatic shot of someone getting an MRI.

Hot humans. Romantic subplots. Water bottle-throwing tantrums. We'll be there. Watch the sneak peek here: