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The Queen of Shibori Dyeing Is Holding a Greenpoint Studio Sale

Driely S.

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Kalen Kaminski, the maven of shibori dyeing, is also pretty slick when it comes to hosting sample sales: Rather than typical weekday hours, she's offering up to 80% off one-of-a-kind tees, dresses, kimonos, and more next Thursday evening and summer Friday afternoon out of her Greenpoint studio, along with jewelry brand Lady Grey.

Get a taste of what you'll find—and how much you'll pay—in the photos below. And if you want to try your hand at shibori, check out our step-by-step (or, rather, GIF-by-GIF) instructions.


Jeans, $90 (from $186)


Diner dress, $90 (from $160)


Jumpsuit, $220 (from $420)