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Ralph Lauren's Home Sale: All the Super Last Minute Scores

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Ralph Lauren's home sample sale which started on Monday is closing its doors today at 5pm. We stopped by this morning to check out what's left and although the selection is definitely limited, the prices have been reduced further than their original markdowns. There was some traffic in the store and pieces were being bought and wrapped quickly, so we bet what's left in the sale won't stay.

There were several chairs still in the store space in the Altman building, some part of sets and some sold individually. Though most of the furniture has been marked down considerably at this point, many of the chairs remain at their start-of-sale prices. Specifically, we liked the Victoria falls lounge chair for $715, and the Colorado club chair for $604. There were about three large carpets left, each for $400, and several smaller mats for $15. The mats were indoor/outdoor and mostly came in black and white patters.

One of our favorite pieces in the store was a wide black dresser (the only dresser left in the store) for $2,000. Initially, the piece was on sale for $3,500 but had been marked down twice. Equipped with 8 drawers and a sleek, black painted top, it's modern and versatile.

The best deals are the side tables and coffee tables, which range from rustic, unfinished wooden pieces to sleek and modern designs. There were a few larger tables left, though not many. Our favorite was a large round table originally for $7,420 marked down to $1900 today. Among some of the smaller tables, we liked the "industrial occasional table" for $100 from $1,995, and the "noshing table" (a two-piece side table) in black for $1350.

Though there isn't as much variety in the store as there was on Monday, the pieces available are marked down considerably from their initial sale prices.

Altman Building

135 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011 (212) 741-3400