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Cap Beauty Now Has a 'Skin Whisperer'

Bryan Sansivero
Bryan Sansivero

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What does a 'skin whisperer' do, exactly? If the newest addition to West Village beauty store CAP is any clue, she's someone who can read every pore and scar on your face and find a treatment just for you, rather than try to sell you a catch-all quick fix. Well + Good visited Stephanie Lauren Brown, CAP's new therapies manager to find out more.

Behind the store's main area for its (mostly natural and organic) products, there's a new section of rooms where these individualized treatments—60-minute facials ($200), acupuncture, massage, pre and post-natal services and more—take place.

"We do not have a set idea of what is perfect skin," said co-founder Karrilyn Pamer. "We see individual clients, all with an equal and unique potential of beauty and natural perfection." Bonus: Each session ends with a cup of the hot house tea while Brown gives you at-home tips to keep your skin feeling fresh.