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The Ernest Alexander and Michael Bastian Sale Has $39 Shirts, Great Man-Bags

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After the morning rush, we stopped by the multi-brand sale at 101 Wooster. Ernest Alexander, Michael Bastian, and Craft Atlantic styles populate the space, along with a smaller section of Burkman Bros and a table of Dom Vetro sunglasses. Below, the lowdown on the layout, sizes, and pricing. Check out the gallery for photos of what's available.

Once you enter, the Michael Bastian section is on the right side of the sale. Shoes are first, directly by the register, all going for $170 each (most sizes are a 10 or 11). Next is a table full of pants, almost all size 50, so if that's you, you've hit the jackpot. Denim is $100, sport pants are $125 and trousers are $150. Belts are in a bin nearby, going for $50 each. Shirts are next, generally a size small with some larger sizes spread amongst them, all $125.

Sweaters are on the next table, in sizes small to extra large, going for $150 or $375 for cashmere. Sweatshirts are $125, polos are $75 and tees are $50 (though we saw few of the latter). There are two racks full of sport coats (many also a size 50), going for $350 each. We saw a great Michael Bastian leather vest for $895, and a red coat for $400. Shorts are $100, on a rack next to the trousers.

Onto the Craft Atlantic section! Shirts are first, and run from small to extra-large. Button downs are $40 to $50, tees are $50, and polos are $65. There are also a few cardigans and sweaters for $95, and drawstring pants on the table for $95 as well. We liked a denim button-down shirt for $50.

A table near the back has a large batch of Dom Vetro shades, most marked down from $295 to $95 or $145. It's right next to a stretch of boxes containing seriously marked-down Ernest Alexander. There's a box full of $29 one-off pants and shirts, a box of $34 ties and $13 pocket squares, a grab bag box of $5 items like ties and belts, and three boxes full of stock button-down shirts for $39 each. We liked an Emerson button down shirt and a Calder work shirt. Sizes range from extra-small to large.

The bags are the focal point of the Ernest Alexander section for sure, starting with shaving kits for $39 (were $95) and laptop pouches for $79 (were $195). There are plenty of large duffle bags ($198-$289) and more stock boxes for replenishing. We saw leather wallets for $39 (were $155), a messenger bag for $198 (was $345), and a brown leather bag for $219 (was $425).

Ernest Alexander clothes include a yellow rain coat for $249 (was $795), current season button-down shirts for $59 (retail $185), trousers for $59, and a gray coat for $198 (was $595).

The small Burkman Bros section at the front includes short sleeve shirts for $30, long sleeve shirts for $40, and pants and shorts for $40. There are small, medium and large racks set up. There are also a few woven blankets for $40. The sale goes through Thursday so stop by soon before the best styles are picked over.