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Shopping the Parker Sample Sale Is Like Browsing Taylor Swift's Closet

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With 28 racks on the floor, every Parker style and print imaginable is available for your choosing at the brand's sample sale. We're not exaggerating either. Parker is clearing out its archives so we really do mean every style, print and cut.

Are you feeling the '70s suede trend? You'll find skirts ($60) in several different colors. Looking for some laser-cut shorts ($60)? Done. Want to throw it back to the '20s with some flapper-esque dresses? You'll find an overwhelming amount throughout the entire floor ($100). And that's not even half of it. You can also expect dresses, skirts, shorts and tops adorned with velvet, feathers, faux fur, lace, fringe, leather, and eyelet.

We felt as though we were taking a stroll through Taylor Swift's closet while browsing the selection. Matching crop tops and skirts, mostly in metallic colors, are plentiful.

If you're hoping to score some true samples, all of which are $40, look for clothes with no size tags on them and stay close to the front racks near the door. There, you'll find both pieces from recent collections and one-of-a-kind styles from the brand's first collection, which was released back in 2008. A staffer informed us that in years past, crowds were large and left little behind so make sure to arrive early if you want the best picks. That being said, shoppers aren't limited to time slots or groups so you can take as little or as long as you'd like to wander through the floor.

If you want to try on clothes, a large, makeshift fitting room has been created for your convenience. However, with the amount of options available and the number of people expected at the sale, we suggest you save all fittings for the end. See below for more details.