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Yes, There Is a Moleskine Sample Sale, And Yes, It's Great

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We checked out the Moleskine sample sale happening today inside their corporate office in the Baron building at 210 11th avenue (home of Stella McCartney HQ too)! Yes it's a bit of a walk from the closest subway but it's nice day today and you'll definitely find great savings on your favorite notebooks and more. When you open the door to
the office, the sale is in a little room to your left.

Things were quiet during lunch hours—shoppers seemed to pop in and out quickly. The prices are pretty good. Pocket notebooks are $3, large notebooks are $5, and extra large notebooks are $7—normally, Moleskine notebooks sell for between $15 and $25, after taxes. Color options are limited—most of the notebooks we saw were black.

There are lots of limited-edition notebooks, like versions meant for recording travels, wine, and diet and exercise plans. We also found notebooks decorated with characters from The Simpsons, Legos, Peanuts, Star Wars, The Hobbit, The Little Prince, and more. All of these are $3 (down from $18.95). There are also a few planners for 2014-2015, but since we're already in June, you're better off skipping these.

Semi-hard cases are priced at $3 for extra small, $5 for small, $7 for medium and $10 for large. Device covers for your tablets are $10 and large messenger bags are only $20 (originally $129.95). A few pieces are marked as samples, but are still in their original packaging.

Items that are not marked on the price list include reading glasses which are $5 and 'Evernote' notebook/pencil sets which are $6 (small notebooks are $3 and plastic pens are also $3).

Oh and on your way out, don't forget to grab one free Moleskine notebook. The freebies have corporate logos stamped on them which may or may not bother you. We spotted brands like Internet Explorer and Pepsi.

The sale ends at 4pm today but will be back tomorrow from 10am to 4pm There will be no restocking. Cash and credit cards are accepted.—Hsini