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It's Last Call (and Final Markdowns) at the Tory Burch Sample Sale

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Today is the final day for the Tory Burch sample sale, and prices have been reduced even further since Wednesday. As the week-long sale comes to a close, there is still an impressive selection of summer dresses in a wide array of sizes. What seems to be going the fastest today are leather bags, typically priced at $535 and available at the sale for only $195. The shoes are almost completely gone, with limited styles still available in very few sizes.

Tops and blouses are now only $60, dresses are $90 (with the exception of tunics and cover-ups, which are only $75), and pants and skirts are $60 as well.

The most abundant selection still available are blazers, jackets, and tops in sizes 0 through 4. We spotted the Daisy jacket for $109 (was $395), the Rosie jacket for $109 (was $395), the Jace top for $60 (was $550), and the Ian top for $60 (was $325).

For dresses, the biggest selection of styles can be found in size 8s and up, as well as large—but that doesn't mean there isn't an impressive number of dresses left in sizes 0—4 (size 6s have the smallest selection).

Eveningwear was available in all sizes, and had the most impressive markdowns. We liked in particular the Raquel dress, which was only $250 marked down from $1,595, and the Taya gown for $250 (also $1,595).

For bottoms, favorites include the Savora tweed shorts for $50 (was $395), the Kendra maxi skirt for $60 (was $450), and the Randie white leather skirt for $170 (was $895). There is also a selection of denim, but mostly in sizes 25 through 28, including the London super-skinny jean for $60 (was $225)—it's a fun twist on classic white jeans.

If you're still looking for bathing suits for the summer, separates are now at $30 and one-pieces are only $50. There's a ton left in sizes M—L, but not as many in XS and S. There are also many more bottoms than tops in the sales bins.

The doors will close at 6:45pm today, so head over now for the absolute lowest prices—the address is in the Dealfeed below.