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Prices at Dannijo's One-Day Sale Start at $25

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This morning we stopped by Dannijo's sample sale to get a look at the accessories, and there are plenty of styles and samples to choose from. Buzz Dannijo's showroom spot on 14th and head up the stairs to check you bag.

Prices are designated by color-coded stickers, or are otherwise priced as marked. Blue is $100, red is $150, green is $200, yellow $250, and gold (there are only a handful) is $300 to $500 depending on the piece.

Handbags are on the right, and the selection includes some vintage pieces (like a $100 Bally bag) as well as designs from Dannijo's current collection. Clutches are $100, small cross-body bags are $100, bigger cross-body bags are $150, and shoulder bags are $200. We saw a Lypton cross-body for $150 (was $698) and a black Hunter backpack for $200 (was $898). There are bins underneath the handbags full of $30 iPhone 5 cases and $15 iPhone 4 cases, a bin of slim stingray cuff bracelets for $25 each and thicker stingray cuffs for $50 each.

Let's start with bracelets, all between $100 and $250. We saw a crystal daisy chain bracelet for $150, a large bronze cuff with gems and stones for $250, and a simple slim gold cuff for $100. There is a bin full of hemp bracelets with beading for $50 each. Next are earrings, starting with a bin of $25 skull dangle earrings, studs for $50 to $100, and longer earrings for up to $150.

Rings are separated into bins of $25, $50, $75 and $100 styles. The $25 bin has small silver bow rings, spiky black accent rings and simple bronze and gold styles. $50 rings have thicker bands and larger crystals, and the $75 bin has Swarovski flower rings. We also spotted two Corsica stingray rings for $150.

The necklaces vary in price, from $100 to $300. A simple gem pendant necklace is $100, while an American-Flag-inspired Liberty necklace is $300 (was $755). There are plenty of Dannijo's signature bib and collar necklaces for $250 to $300 (originally $550 to $800). We also saw a bejeweled choker for $250.

The key here is to stop by during lunch, before everything in those $25 bins is scooped up.