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Five Unexpected Wedding-Day Headpieces for Badass Brides

Three local designers, three fresh takes on flower crowns and tiaras.

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Gone are the days when the only real choice brides had to face when deciding what to wear on their head was the length of their veil—now, the question is more like, "Do I even want a veil at all?"

We tapped three of NYC's most innovative headpiece designers—Jennifer Behr, Stone Fox Bride, and Wendy Nichol—for their takes on what's next in bridal accessories, and what we got was a grown-up flower crown, a modern twist on a birdcage, and a totally badass leather tiara that's just this side of goth. Combine that with the dress of your dreams, and you've got yourself a head-turning (sorry) bridal look.

The Headband

Jennifer Behr Eris headband, $295
Pairs well with: A Grecian-inpsired gown and a beach wedding at sunset

The Veil

Stone Fox Bride Plum veil, $850
Pairs well with: A sexy 70's slip dress

The Avant-Garde Birdcage

Jennifer Behr Voilette on headband, $262
Pairs well with: Naeem Kham in a converted loft

The Grown-Up Flower Crown

Stone Fox Bride Stefanie silk halo, $350
Pairs well with: A dreamy outdoor wedding upstate

The Unexpected Tiara

Wendy Nichol leather queen crown, $595
Pairs well with: A ceremony surrounded by your most fashion-forward friends

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