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Band of Outsiders' Closing Sale: Stock Up on Dresses, Button-Downs

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Saddened by the news of Band of Outsiders' closing, we looked for the silver lining by checking out the discounts at their soon-to-be-shuttered Wooster Street store yesterday afternoon. The store was supremely organized, and surprisingly devoid of shoppers, despite the price reductions on all of its merchandise (you guys do know there's a massive sale going on, right?).

Currently, every item in the store is 40% off. There's still a wide variety of styles and sizes for women; however, for men, the majority of clothing is only still available in sizes 3 through 5. In addition to the general markdowns, the boutique runs a special promotion each day—for example, yesterday's was the "His & Hers" discount: If you buy a men's and women's shirt at the same time, you'll receive 60% off of your purchase. Keep following their Instagram account for more of these deals.

The standouts here were the wide selection of dresses, available in plenty of sizes, and the abundance of button-down shirts for both sexes. The narrow fitting oxford cloth shirts—which is what originally drew so much attention to the brand when it was founded—are available in classic blues and whites, plus also in sherbet colored vertical stripes for men. We've highlighted some of our favorite items (and how much you're saving on them) in the gallery above.

In addition to great deals on remaining apparel, the boutique is selling quirky pieces like a banana pipe and hacky sacks at discounted prices as well. The selection in the Soho store is abundant for now, but our guess is that it won't last long—since online sales have already been halted, 70 Wooster Street is your best bet for the last of this label. Be on the lookout for more markdowns in the coming weeks.

Band of Outsiders

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