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Skateboards Are Now the Domain of Middle-Aged Men

This dude's probably like, 40.
This dude's probably like, 40.

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Next time you're out near one of the city's "hot spots du jour," check to see if there are any skateboards around—chances are it's owned by a dude with a ton of money who really, really wants you to notice him. Today, the Post speaks to a variety of men—generally lawyers or media professionals in their 30s or 40s with one or two kids—who have ditched the midlife crisis–induced motorcycle for the skateboard.

"This thing is a chick magnet," says a 39-year-old IT specialist dressed in a bespoke suit, who adds that every day, he chats up two or three highly unfortunate women on the topic of his skateboard, and plans to launch a skateboarding lifestyle blog entitled "Dapper Deck." (This is a great idea and he should definitely do this.)

There's also the 44-year-old ad agency VP who regularly skateboards to dinner at one of the city's most expensive restaurants, Per Se, who says, "There's a fine line between the guy who can pull it off and the guy who can't." Indeed.