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The Only Brand Big Enough to Take Toys R Us's Times Square Spot? Gap.

Brian Harkin
Brian Harkin

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Toys R Us Times Square—the only store in New York City that's big enough to house its own Ferris wheel—is likely moving, leaving an absolutely mammoth chunk of retail space available for the taking. While previous reports hinted that it might be divvied up into multiple spaces, there's one retailer who might be able to afford it all: The Gap.

The Real Deal reports that Gap has, for some time, been in talks to take either a portion or all 110,000 square feet of 1514 Broadway when Toys R Us vacates early next year. But it won't be one giant Gap: The retailer will likely split the square footage between a Gap store and an Old Navy.

But before you get all teary-eyed (if you're really into toys, that is), it's not the end of a Toys R Us Times Square: It could simply be moving just a few blocks north, to 1535 Broadway.