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Get Turned Into an Unnervingly Lifelike Doll at This Soho Store


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Hey, remember that totally not-creepy-at-all thing we tried last winter where you can step inside a spaceship-like chamber and have an exact replica of your body made into a doll? No? Okay, well that thing, which was located in Chelsea Market during the holidays, has now found a new home in Soho.

Doob, the German brand responsible for such technology, has brought their 3D-scanning and printing services to the corner of Wooster and Grand Streets, where anyone—kids, brides, dogs—can step into a chamber in which 54 cameras snap a photo, and a few weeks later, have a doll in their exact likeness delivered to their doorstep.

Pricing, as we have discussed, is not cheap: The smallest Doob retails for $95, with larger options going all the way up to $695. And then, of course, there's the issue of the doll's inherent creepiness, though CEO Michael Anderson was right: Parents and grandparents, especially, love them, while those born after 1980 generally find them some degree of horrifying—for reference, this was my best friend's reaction when I left mine in her room.