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Madewell's Sample Sale, Day Three: Still No Markdowns, But Plenty of Denim

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Not too much has changed at the Madewell sale since we stopped by yesterday afternoon—151 Wooster Street is still pretty much stocked with everything from tops and dresses to skirts, shoes, and handbags, so the good news is that if you still haven't made it over, there's still plenty of time. And once again, there was practically no one shopping it as of 10:30am on Thursday.

There's still no word on markdowns just yet, but staff hinted that "you'll just have to keep coming back" to find out—so we're going to go ahead and take that as a hard Maybe. As for what's left, the stock definitely wasn't as varied as it was on Tuesday and Wednesday, though there is an astonishing array of work-appropriate tops and dresses, as well as some very early holiday party buys (think wool dresses in green and red and very, very shiny skirts).

Also in abundance: Denim ($40), because the only thing worse than trying on jeans is trying on jeans when there are literally no mirrors around. A few brave souls yesterday asked strangers to take photos of them in particular pairs, but for the shy among us, you're out of luck.

Most of the handbags ($90 to $130) we noticed yesterday are also still available, including totes, messengers, bucket bags, crossbodies, and clutches. Jackets, located in the back near the shoes, are also on the better end of the sale. Most lightweight varieties (think denim and army) are $60, a little more than half-off what you'd find in stores.

As for shoes, there's still plenty of sandals ($65) and ankle boots ($100), especially for larger sizes. Speaking of sizes: Like yesterday, mediums, smalls, and 6s seemed to have the most stock.

TLDR? Stop by if you're in the neighborhood—you most likely won't have to wait in line. Otherwise, wait for word of markdowns. We'll be crossing our fingers!