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The J. Crew Women's Sample Sale is Nearly Out of Scarves and $15 Shirts

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We dropped into J. Crew's women's sale to see how the stock has held up since Tuesday, and there are a few changes. The biggest problem now is not just the mixed-up sizes, but mixed-up items in general (read: literally all tops). We took note of a few updates, the good and the bad. Prices are still the same as they were on Tuesday.

Upon entry, the racks on the left that once held scarves are now all shorts ($25). Scarves are almost completely gone (there is a nearly empty bin of them next to the bags) and $5 headbands and hair accessories are also basically non-existent. Bags themselves are still plentiful, but most of the shoulder bags have marks, particularly in the light colors that have been thrown around. We still spotted nice leather pouches ($130) and some current season cross-body bags ($90).

Tops, aka shirts, tees, tanks and a few sweaters are all jumbled together, so it'll be your job to sift through to find items worth purchasing. Most of the good $15 shirts are gone, so much of the stock is basic tees or $40 embellished styles. We found a white sleeveless cotton sweater for $35, a red striped shirt for $40, and a white and tangerine floral summer top for $40. There are also a few more distressed looking items; we saw damage like stretched seams, snags on fabric, and light-color items with foundation-smeared necklines. We also saw a perforated leather top with a slash down the front, and a few strappy items twisted around one another. So just be mindful as you're swiping through the packed racks.

The most depleted jewelry styles are the $35 necklaces. The $60 embellished necklaces still populate the glass cases, as well as $25 bracelets and earrings. Swimwear is still well-stocked, with one pieces still $40 and bikini separates for $25 each. Shoes are still much the same, from $60 to $100, though the larger sizes now include an abundance of women's size 12.

Cashmere sweaters are now primarily fall and winter styles ($90 each), and wool and dress pants take up most of the pants collection ($70) with two racks of denim left ($40). Most coats and jackets are one-off styles, either a 00/XXS or large/10 sizes. Blazers are are still available in lots of sizes (we liked a beige one for $120). Dresses are much as they were on day one, sizes 0 to 12. We liked a quirky party/wear-to-work dress with a pineapple print for $60 and a laser-cut sea foam dress for $60.

J. Crew Collection items are still going strong. We saw more of that great white top with beading for $125, as well as a navy lace skirt for $125 and a sheer floral top for $135. Collection pants still run $125 to $225, all in bright silk patterns and beaded styles. Overall, stock is dwindling, so get here promptly if you'd rather not sift through damaged items by the end of the sale.