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Shwick Market Is Selling Off Its Bouncy House, Bunny Costume This Weekend

Two turn tables and a microphone.
Two turn tables and a microphone.
Shwick Market/Facebook

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Shwick Market may be down for now, but it's certainly not out. Brokelyn pointed out that the just-closed Bushwick flea market is headed back to 6 Charles Place for one more weekend to host what the hosts are dubbing as a #ShwickSuperFundraiser, selling off everything—and we mean everything—to make a little extra cash.

Want a Ms. Pac Man machine? It's yours for $1,000. A steamer or a juicer? Those could be yours, too. You could even grab a bunny costume to wear while in a bounce house spinning $1 records on your new turntables before playing beer pong on an old door that's propped up by some parking cones—sounds like a good Saturday to us.

You can see more of what's on offer on Shwick's Facebook and Instagram. And while we can't imagine that they'll make the purported $100,000 they need to relaunch with this sale, maybe it'll be enough to rent out the pop-up space for which they're currently hunting.

Shwick Market

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