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Madewell's Sample Sale, Day Two: Still Tons Of Bags and Tops

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One of the buzziest sample sales of the year so far kicked off yesterday, and we scoped out the scene this afternoon to find out what's left. Two surprises: 1) there was absolutely no line at lunchtime today, and 2) there's still tons left to shop.

One possible indication as to why? We noticed that many of the items at the sample sale are also currently on sale online as well—for even cheaper! (Here are a few incriminating comparisons.) Prices are still the same as they were yesterday—most tops and button-downs are $25, basic skirts are $25 or $40 for wool and silky varieties, dresses are $60 (save for a particularly cute structured suede dress for $250 and very basic cotton dresses for $30), sandals and flats are $65, heels and ankle boots are $100-$130, and jackets (of which there are few) are $60. The one thing to note, however, is that size 6's and smalls/mediums made up a large majority of the dress, skirt, and shirt selection—you'll have to dig for anything larger.

As for bags, there are still plenty of styles left, including brown bucket bags, totes, small-yet-sturdy crossbodies, and messenger bags for either $90 or $130, mostly depending on the amount of leather used. Swimwear, located in a bin nearby, is pretty much cleaned out, though there were some flimsy-looking striped bikini separates. Jewelry, eyewear, belts, and scarves are still plentiful, as are the endless racks of denim and blouses.

We'll let you know when (and if) markdowns arrive, but all in all, expect the same stock as yesterday—and yes, there's still a tragic lack of mirrors.