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Rag + Bone Sample Sale Shoppers Want Bags and Shoes, Not Blazers

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After stopping by yesterday's Rag + Bone sample sale preview yesterday, Racked reporter Megan Soll checked back in just after the doors opened at 10:30 this morning to see what shoppers were snatching up. The good news is there's no line outside as of press time, but the bad news is that it's just shifted to the women's dressing rooms: About 25 female shoppers were waiting to try things on as of a few minutes ago.

Not surprisingly, bags and shoes "are going quickly," Soll says, and women are gravitating towards skirts, shirts, dresses, and boyfriend jeans, while men are hovering around the center table filled with tees and sweaters. If you're in the market for a new blazer or coat, no one's touching those right now—blame the weather (or the prices) on that one.

Planning on stopping by? You might want to try and fit in a visit before or after the lunch crowds, when lines tend to form. And though the sale host previously specified that there isn't an entrance to the venue through Chelsea Market—you can look for the marked doors on 16th Street between Ninth and Tenth Avenues—Soll says that inner entrance is now open, too.