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The Rag + Bone Sample Sale Has $85 Denim, $150 Shoes

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We stopped by Rag + Bone's sample sale preview at Chelsea Market yesterday, and it was packed to the brim with sweaters, tops, leather, and (of course) denim. Enter on 16th Street—you can't get in through the market itself—to peruse the black, white and blush items for your New York summer wardrobe.

As you enter, you'll find men's shoes ($100) on the right and a few men's bags ($100) on the left. Continue towards the long table covered in Rag + Bone /Jean styles, which are all $85 each (usually $185 to $295). There are a few basic men's bluejeans, plus some in brighter colors.

The women's jeans are predominantly skinny, and mostly in sizes 24 through 30. We spotted "Dre" boyfriend skinnies, "Pirate" skinnies, and "Parliament" skinnies, as well as cropped jeans, snow leopard patterned boyfriend jeans, "Devon Marilyn" jeans, and "Surf Pajama" jeans. Shorts (there are two styles) are $75. We also noted a pair of sporty "Lawson" leggings for $85 (were $225).

The men's section is across from the denim table. There are blazers and jackets for $250, and men's pants for $125. We noted a slim patch pocket blazer ($250) and navy skinny chinos ($125). Men's shirts are $98, tees are $50, and sweaters are $110. A shawl cardigan and a gray loop-back sweatshirt for $110 stand out, as do a leather "Christopher" hoodie for $495 and a "Vulcan Downing" peacoat for $350.

The women's section and the cash registers are upstairs. Head to the right to find the leather racks; there are separates (skirts, pants and shirts) for $300, dresses for $450, and jackets for $495. We liked a "Florencia" skirt ($300) and a long-tail shirt dress ($450). Nearby are women's blazers ($200), jackets ($250) and coats ($300). A quick browse brought up a black "Howard" blazer with leather detail, a dove gray "Archer" jacket ($250), and an olive "Ohara" jacket ($250).

Women's pants, shorts and skirts are $125 and dresses are $185. In this section, we spotted "Victoria" silk pants (were $495), a black "Lyndale" skirt, "Basha" and "Bess" skirts in white, and saffron "Charlie" shorts. There are a few racks of tops ($100), like a white "Dixie" tank, an indigo denim "Elsa" tee, and a blush sleeveless tee.

The women's shoe area is well-stocked, with plenty of sizes behind the display tables. All flats are $150, and boots and heeled sandals are $225. For accessories, leather bags are $250, and small leather items are $150. Hats, belts and scarves are all $60 each. We saw a "Grayson" backpack for $250 (was $825), and "Georgie" espadrilles for $150 (were $275).

The center table has /Jean tops, sweaters, sweatshirts, and sweatpants—all for $85. Some items of note: a white "Addie" pullover, a black "Cast" tank, and a white "Cleo" pullover. The table also has women's collection T-shirts ($65), sweaters ($135), and tops ($100). Standouts include a "Poe" camouflage print sweatshirt for $135 (was $325), and a white "Lakewood" crop top for $100 (was $255).

If you arrive early, you shouldn't have trouble finding your size—many items are available in 0 through 12. That being said, 4, 6, and 8 are the most common sizes here. The sale runs through Sunday at 3pm—see below for more info.