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We're In Line at the J. Crew Women's Sample Sale Right Now

J. Crew Collection fall 2015
J. Crew Collection fall 2015
Driely S.

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Today marks the start of the three-pronged J. Crew sample sale week, with men'swomen's, and Madewell taking place at separate venues. Racked NY Associate Editor Rebecca Jennings is on the scene at the women's sale at 260 Fifth Avenue to dissect the madness.

9:47am: Welp, this is a first: I just got in line, and it's already broken into three sections ( I am in the last one )

9:49am: This is what the first part looks like:


9:50am: In other news, it is very, very hot.

9:52am: Oh my god, a S.O.L.D. guy just started going down the line handing out business cards. I am never throwing this out.


9:54am: The line has officially wrapped around 28th Street, with six minutes until the doors open (hopefully).

9:55am: It is still hot AF, in case you were wondering.

9:57am: Ooh, it looks like they're letting people in!  Line Section 3 has morphed into Line Section 2!

9:59am: Okay, moving again! I am officially in Line Section 2. The power is intoxicating.

10:02am: A sweet, sweet breeze just rolled through, and I am almost in Line Section 1. It's going to be a good day.

10:03am: An NYC sightseeing bus is driving by. I wonder what they think is going on.

10:04am: They're just like, what:


10:05am: Alright, I'm going in! I can feel the embrace of the AC. See you on the other side!

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