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Buy an Entire Outfit at the J. Crew Men's Sale for Under $100

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J. Crew's sample sale week is in full swing, and that applies for the men, too. Around the corner from this week's Madewell sale, a small showroom at 129 Prince Street houses huge deals for the main line's menswear and accessories for up to 60% off, and during last night's preview, we found that there's little you could pay more than $100.

Starting at the front of the room is summer apparel, with more winter items as you head toward the back. The first racks on the left as you walk in have board shorts and short chinos both going for $25, with sizes ranging from 32 up to a 38. Tees and polos are next for $15, sized small through extra large, followed by long-sleeved shirts ($25) and button-downs ($25—$40). There's plenty of great summer colors and patterns as well as a few fall/winter styles mixed in—We liked the denim shirts and a khaki button-down in particular.

A rack of colorful cashmere styles tops for $90 is nearby, while wool styles like a beige sweater is going for $35. There are a few casual jackets, puffer jackets, and vests, all $60 each. Long puffer coats and trenches are $90, and wool outerwear (we saw a few nice long coats) is $150. Casual pants take up most of the back. Chinos and cords are available in tons of colors for $25; most of what's on the racks are 32/32 sample sizes, but the bins at the back have waist sizes 30 through 36. There are also men's denim styles for $40.

A table at the back has leather and fabric bags, all priced similarly to the women's styles (check out that report shortly!). A large leather satchel is $130, as is a large duffel back, and small fabric bags are $20. A rack in the center of the back has men's suit vests for $60, and leather belts for $20, and nearby is dress pants in sizes 32—40 and suiting jackets and blazers for $120 apiece.

There are several shelves of shoes, available from sizes 7.5 up to a 13. Ankle boots and leather dress shoes are $100 and make up a large amount of the collection—there's some great oxfords and boots here—as well as comfy sheepskin slippers for $25. Two bins nearby contain underwear for $10 per pair and ties for $20. Finally, there are a few socks by the registers for $10.

The sale goes through Sunday (check out the Dealfeed below for hours), and we'll be keeping an eye out for restocking and markdowns as the week goes on.