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Help Us Find the Hottest Trainer in New York City!

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Sean Gomes

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Is there a cycling instructor you live for? A bootcamp trainer who changed your body? A yoga guru who help you find inner zen? It's almost time for our annual Hottest Trainer competition, and getting this off the ground means sifting through countless photos of the most physically fit people in the entire city—so we're calling on you to help out.

Starting this August, we'll be profiling sixteen of the best-looking fitness instructors in New York City—men and women—and we want to hear who you think should make the cut. Send us their name, affiliated studio, a recent photo, and a couple sentences on why you think they deserve the glory of winning our yearly competition, by Thursday, July 2nd (trainers, you're welcome to nominate yourselves!).

And remember, while a Hottest Trainer contestant should certainly be easy on the eyes, we're interested in candidates that promote a positive body image and bring out the best in their students—sappy, but true. A good social media presence doesn't hurt, either.

So send us your favorites now, and while you wait for August, take a sexy stroll down memory lane with last year's contestants.