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Dior Could Lose Its Men's Store in Soho


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Dior's women's store that arrived in Soho last fall could be losing its neighborhood counterpart. The Real Deal reports that the Dior Homme store at 133 Greene Street—which initially opened in 2012 as a temporary location when the 57th Street store was remodeling, but ended up sticking around—is part of a $41 million buyout that's in contract for that address, including the co-op apartments above it.

The brand has three years left on its lease in that location and is considering renewing, according to unnamed sources. Parties involved in the transaction declined to comment, and although what Dior pays for 3,200 square feet of ground-floor retail (plus another 2,500 below ground) is probably near the Greene Street average of $600 per square foot, they're likely weighing what prices will be like in the future so that they don't get burned á la Vera Wang.

Dior Homme

133 Greene St, New York, NY 10012