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Shwick Flea Market Is Closing, Unless You Have $100,000 to Spare

Shwick Market/Facebook

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Summer only officially began yesterday, and New York City is already down one flea market. Bushwick Daily reports that Shwick Market, the Bushwick flea that debuted last year, is now closed because the husband-and-wife duo have run out of money to host what they called a "market of makers." Alongside locals selling artisan goods each weekend at 6 Charles Place were live performances, food vendors, and art installations.

"Unless somebody wants to invest $100,000+ into SHWICK Market in the next week, we're closing up shop at the end of June," a Facebook post written by Jinyen and Christopher Carew read on Friday. "If you know anybody let us know. Thank you to all who supported us so far. We're looking forward to working with all of the wonderful people we've met along the way."

If you just happen to be looking to donate six figures to a local cause, you'll need to reach out yourself—Christopher Carew told the local blog that they aren't actively seeking investors at the moment, but "If somebody wants to make it happen, we have some nice ideas."

Shwick Market

6 Charles Place, Brooklyn, NY 11221, USA