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After 23 Years, Anna Sui Is Moving to Where the 'All the Cool Stores' Are


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Well, now that inventory-cleaning archive sale makes a little more sense: Anna Sui announced that she's moving out of the Greene Street home she's had for 23 years and into a new space farther south to 484 Broome Street.

Sui tells WWD:

"All the spaces are turning into very high-end luxury boutiques," she said. "It seems like all the cooler shops are moving south. I will certainly be closer there to other stores that also suit my customer.  The new location matches my sensibility and aesthetics much more. I have high hopes; the area seems busier than ever. Of course I'm very sentimental about my original shop. We painted and decorated it ourselves; a total labor of love. It will be hard to leave it behind."

The big move is reported to be going down in early July, with the new store opening later that month.