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Gary Graham's Sample Sale Has All of the Tweed for 50% Off

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This morning we headed down to Gary Graham's flagship store in Tribeca to check out the sample sale, and the entire space had racks of clothing for 50% off retail (true samples were even cheaper). Gary's pieces are rarely available elsewhere, so it's wise to stop by soon so make sure you find your size. Here's what you need to know about the stock.

The racks closest to the front of the store have more current season pieces, such as a boxy kite top for $247 (was $495), a 'Battenburg' lace tee shirt dress for $197 (was $395), a knit silk skirt in black and white for $247 (was $495) and a black chiffon kite dress for $437 (was $875). Sizes, if not a 2 or 4, are generally an 8 or 10. We saw the occasional 6 or medium but most one-off items—like a denim waist tie dress for $75 (was $707) and a multi-layered skirt ($300)—are either a size 4 or 10.

The least expensive finds we saw included a bright red, cobalt, and yellow top for $50, a cream long sleeve blouse for $100 and jacquard patterns pants for $100 (were $695). On the more expensive end, mainly two racks closest to the front, we saw a black embroidered chiffon dress for $700, a tweed embroidered dress for $550 (was $1,100) and a long tweed duster coat for $635 (was $1,270). Most items are under $350 if not under $250.

If you like twill or tweed, you're in luck. There's a twill sheath dress for $225 (was $450), tweed pants for $337 (were $675), twill drawstring pants for $237 (were $475), a cropped tweed jacket for $495 (was $990) and the aforementioned tweed embroidered dress for $550.

Near the register there is a box of scarves for $50 each. We didn't see any leather around; the stock is decidedly spring/summer with almost all white black and neutral tones. What is out is all the sample stock they have, and the sale goes through Saturday.