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The Candela Sale Has Apparel and Shoes for 90% Off

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We could all do with a few more nice lacy outfits in our closet for summer, so we stopped by Candela's sample sale to check out the selection. The space is small and so is the stock, but with prices starting at $20, you really can't go wrong here. Here's what you need to know.

Tops, pants and skirts are $30 and shorts are $20. We saw a plaid 'Jesse' long sleeve top (was $95), a cream Madison top (was $220), a blush multicolor 'Isla' top and a cream 'Marlee' sweater with flower details. There are some shorts, but the focus is definitely on skirts, like the ivory and teal 'Aspen' and the white lace 'Piper' (was $264).

Jackets and coats are $40; we found a khaki green 'Abrielle' jacket (originally $395) and a navy 'Champion' jacket (was $275). Short dresses are $50 (like the 'Scarlett' in navy) and long dresses are $80 (like the blush 'Gwen' gown).

Onwards to shoes, which are separated by price and size. Shoes in boxes include flats for $40. Shoes in bins (marked 5.5 to 8 and 9 to 11) have flats for $30, booties for $40 and boots for $50. The most popular styles are a rose gold and green metallic 'Beric' flat for $40, and a blush 'Joan' flat, also $40 (was $325).

Amongst the boxes there are also teal 'Vinny' velvet loafers for $40 (were $286) and denim 'Joan' flats for $40 (were $325). In the bins we found an 'Asher' canvas and leather long boot for $50 (was $395) and buckled leather booties for $40.

Near the shoes you'll find $10 item bins as well as Pendleton items for $30, underwear for $10 per pair, and bikini bottoms and bathing suits for $40.

Head over to Broadway as soon as you can, the sale last through Friday but sizes and styles are limited and massively discounted so they'll go quickly.