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Jeez, Dad: Yale Club Members Super Uncool With Novelty Tees, Jorts

Yale Club of NYC/Facebook

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The Yale Club, a 22-story building in midtown that exists solely for the leisure of Yale alumni and their families, has some strict rules, as a place such as this does. Some of these rules, evidently, involve not wearing clothing printed with the word "fuck" on them. Let's take a look at this bizarre Page Six story, shall we?

The short version: Man sees another man wearing a Sex Pistols t-shirt inside the Yale Club locker room, responds in the Yale-iest way possible: by writing a Strongly Worded Letter.

The long version: (emphasis ours):

"A horrifying example of this denouement, this sad decline in the atmosphere and spirit of the club, occurred on September 5 in the men's locker room. A young man (a Yale law student) was wearing a tee shirt emblazoned in large letters with: ‘F - - k Forever.' I was shocked and told him that it was offensive and inappropriate; that this was a club for ladies and gentlemen. He smirked. Why was he allowed through the front door? Why did those on duty at the desk at the locker room allow him to enter? Why was he allowed to walk around the club dressed as such? Is there no decency at the club anymore, no class? Will the management be held accountable (and members)?"

Jeez, Dad. And it doesn't stop there—the letter-writer also admonishes all the "slovenly teenagers" in "dirty cutoff jeans" that the club has been letting in (to be fair, the jorts-wearing teens in question ended up stealing somebody's briefcase). Regardless, it appears that a certain Yale Club member is in dire need of a chill pill and to learn the real meaning of⚡️ punk rock⚡️.