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Here's What's Left at the Ermenegildo Zegna Sample Sale in Fidi

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For guys looking to get into the sample sale game this week, there's some severely discounted Ermenegildo Zegna merchandise available at C21 Edition now through Friday, with everything going for at least 80% off retail prices. Some pieces have even been pulled straight from the runway, like the orange coat in the gallery above.

Prices from the main Zegna line are as follows: Cashmere sweaters are $295, while cotton and wool sweaters are $150. Shoes are $175, sport pants and jeans are $125, and "cut and sewn" knit items are $95. Lightweight outerwear is $395, cloth outerwear is $695, and leather outerwear is $895. As for accessories, cufflinks are $95, ties are $50, and leather bags range from $195 to $395. You'll find most of these categories in the Sartorial and Z Zegna collections, too, with the former being a bit more expensive and the latter being a bit cheaper.

And women aren't left out of this sale, either: There's a section of merchandise from the Italian label Agnona, with prices discounted up to 80% off retail. Scroll through the gallery above to get an idea of what you'll find (and how much you'll pay) for both brands, and check out the Dealfeed below to see when and where it's taking place.