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The Helmut Lang Sample Sale Will Get You Excited for Fall (Yes, Really)

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If there's one thing to make us miss colder weather, it's a super-soft, perfectly tailored leather jacket—lucky for us, the Helmut Lang sample sale is absolutely full of them. We scoped out the deals when the doors opened at Chelsea Market this morning, and though there are plenty of tanks, shorts, and slinky summer dresses, by far the best part of the sale is the racks and racks of cozy leather and shearling that look like they'd pair quite nicely with a maple latte.

Prices, however, as one can imagine, are steep. Even though discounts across the board are around 70% off retail, leather jackets for men and women are still between $399 for leather combo jackets, which come in a rainbow of colors (including bright pink!) and $529 for 100% leather jackets. There's also almost an entire wall full of leather skinny pants in fun colors like red, pink, and white for $359. Also on the more expensive end: fur vests ($479), leather shorts ($239), and some especially gorgeous men's shearling coats for around $600.

Switching gears to the the least expensive end of the sale: There's a row of cardboard boxes near the checkout counter with basic bras, tanks, and crop tops, in white and black, all for $29. In the lower back area, there's a rack of super-soft knit vests that never made it into production going for $49. Sweatshirts and knit tops are $139, blouses are $119, basic dresses are $129, and "special" dresses are $229. Also located on the sale's lower level: a rack of sleeveless jumpsuits in black and white for $199.

In the very back, there are a few shoe and boot styles, all $199, in a variety of sizes—cute white and black loafers, bright red stacked-heel mules, black heeled strappy sandals, and knee-high black boots.

Though the stock already seems endless, staff tells us there's still 4,000 more pieces of merchandise coming tomorrow. Sizes mostly run from 0 to 12, and if you can't find your size, try asking the staff. Didn't see an item you've been eyeing? Let us know in the comments, and we'll tell you if we spotted it.