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Overstock is 50% Off at the Nicholas K Sample Sale

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All is quiet on the Soho front this morning, which means more space for you if you head to the Nicholas K sample sale on Grand Street. The stock includes a few racks of men's and women's samples, three racks of vintage, and overstock (which takes up most of the sales floor).

Men's items take up the right side and the center of the room, while women's items are on the left. Small and extra small are the most common sizes, although there are a few mediums and larges as well. For men's and women's overstock, jackets are $250, sweaters are $175 and sweatshirts are $160. We saw men's 'Dover' sweaters in black (were $385) and men's 'Lumbar' jackets. A few standouts in the women's overstock section: a khaki 'Leto' jacket (was $497), a graphite 'Harkin' jacket (was $479), 'Hermie' trenches in black and graphite (were $418), and an 'Amity' sweater in charcoal.

Overstock dresses are $179, shirts are $120, and tees are between $60 and $95. We saw a blizzard print 'Laro' dress (was $428), a cream 'Kingsley' dress (was $359), a white 'Cooper' men's shirt (was $265), women's 'Harlow' shirts in black and white (were $288), and 'Venda' shirts in khaki (were $276). We also saw a 'Summit' tee in black for $60 and a men's 'Dene' tee in olive for $60 (was $166).

Pants and shorts are $85, we noted a men's 'Sonic' short in black and 'Lunar' pant in off-white. Leather scarves are $99 and printed scarves are $25 (we saw three colors on the tables). Hats are $75 and leather bags are $299, though we didn't see either at the time we stopped by. Shoes (like Vintange Shoe Company boots, Boohoo pumps, and Pleaser heels) are in bins on the right side for $30 a pair, but they look pretty worn.

Sample pieces include leather jackets for $299, winter jackets for $250, cotton jackets for $179, sweaters for $125, and dresses for $129. Sweatshirts and tops are $79, skirts are $70 and tees are $40.

The small vintage section has few items with labels still attached. We saw some serious '80s/'90s sweaters, including a beige Ralph Lauren knit ($40), and a lot of '70s tops ($30). Designer jackets are $125, other jackets are $75, dresses are $50, and pants are $35. We also spotted a large navy Burberry pea coat ($125). Note that most items look like they need some intense dry cleaning.